2 September 2013: Barbados is known for its lively festivals, and one of the biggest of the calendar year is Crop Over. The festival was originally a celebration of the end of the sugar season, but now it has become a huge event that attracts people from all over the world, who flock to Barbados to enjoy the festivities while staying in luxury hotels like Cobblers Cove. 

However, as Crop Over comes to an end for another year, people planning a holiday or honeymoon in Barbados may be wondering what else is on the agenda when it comes to festivities. If so, they may want to start thinking about planning a trip here between September and November, when another big festival, The National Independence Festival Of Creative Arts (NIFCA), will take place. 

The event celebrates the independence of Barbados through a showcase of creative arts. It began in 1973 and has grown every year. It is a real showcase of the culture and creative arts of Barbados and visitors can expect to encounter visual arts, dance, photography, crafts, drama, music and more. 

November 30th is Independence Day, but the festival begins in September. Locals from all over Barbados compete for awards, and there are many events to take part in. One of the most popular is the Gala at the end of the festival, when many performances from the festival’s finalists are held, so this is probably the best time to visit. People staying in one of the hotels in Barbados such as Cobblers Cove will be able to enjoy all of the festivities at their leisure. 

This is the time to witness the best of Barbados’s talent on display, because people from all over the island, including both amateurs and professionals are encouraged to submit entries, and it is a time of the year when cultural pride is high. 

It is an excellent time to be in Barbados, so visitors may want to start thinking about booking a stay in one of the hotels like Cobblers Cove to enjoy it all later in the year. 

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