7 Nov 2019, Delhi: Vascular Malformation is basically abnormal development in blood vessels, lymph vessels, veins, and/or arteries that cause a number of abnormalities that affect children and young adults. These malformations look like a blotch or mass that may cause pain, swelling, or bleeding. Though they are not so common but very much complex and need expertise for diagnosis and treatment of the conditions.

Most commonly used treatment procedures for Vascular Malformation are:

  • Embolization: A minimally invasive procedure that closes the abnormal blood vessels from the inside using a glue-like medical material.
  • Laser treatment: It is another effective procedure for treating superficial venous malformations of the superficial component of a deep lesion. Doctors use lasers to treat lymphatic malformations, primarily small blisters on the surface of the tongue and the lining of the mouth.
  • Sclerotherapy: This medical procedure also helps you treat venous malformations and lymphatic malformations. Doctors inject a substance through your skin into the malformation; this approach produces a blood clot, which effectively stops the flow of blood in the area.
  • Surgery: this is generally conducted after embolization or sclerotherapy if required can be conducted alone also.

There is a number of benefits of conducting Vascular Malformation Surgery in India. India has a bunch of experienced and skilled surgery to conduct Embolization, Sclerotherapy, or Vascular Malformation Surgery with a high success rate. The hospitals are well-equipped with cutting-edge technologies and have the top-notch infrastructure for an excellent treatment facility.  Moreover, Vascular Malformation Surgery Cost in India is much lower than in other developed countries without compromising the treatment quality. The treatment cost in India is about 20 – 30% lesser than in western countries.  Considering the Vascular Malformation Surgery Benefits in India a number of patients come to this country every year to avail of affordable Vascular Malformation Surgeries.

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