31 Dec 2018, Navi Mumbai: Unlike earlier times, Plastic Surgery is considered very safe and rewarding these days. These surgeries have become very popular and sought after owing the range of long-lasting benefits. The field has gained momentum rapidly over the years and there are surgeries possible for almost all regions of the body – both for men and women.

Few Plastic Surgeries for men:
• Liposuction
• Nose surgery
• Baldness
• Gynecomastia
• Eyelid Surgery

Few Plastic Surgeries for women:
• Breast Augmentation
• Eyelid Surgery
• Breast Augmentation
• Collagen Treatments
• Tummy Tuck
• Liposuction
• Lip Augmentation

However, not every country has the appropriate facilities for these surgeries and in most countries where these are possible, these are very expensive. Also, the infrastructure too is not updated for performing these surgeries. But India has progressed in leap and bounds in every field of healthcare, and in the field of Plastic Surgery too. There are unlimited treatment possibilities related to Plastic Surgery in India, which the medical value travelers can avail. So that these incoming patients can avail the benefits of Plastic Surgery in India without any obstacles, a medical tourism planner called Tour2india4health Consultants is putting its best foot forward to make everything accessible.

Almost all the major cities of India are thriving with outstanding hospitals. Amongst these, the best clinics/hospitals for Plastic Surgery in India are highly recognized. This is because of the most advanced forms of Plastic Surgeries that are regularly performed here. Further, the success rates of Plastic Surgery in India are very lofty, which boosts the confidence of the medical tourists and the result is, higher footfall with each ongoing year. The infrastructure at these hospitals are very progressive and thus, there are hardly any chances of anything going wrong. There is highly maintained safety and hygiene levels to ensure that the patients do not face any complications.

No doubt that there are many surgeries possible today but what makes these surgeries successful are the surgical hands. In this matter, the top Plastic Surgeons of India are extremely talented as they can handle the most intricate Plastic Surgeries with utmost confidence. Thanks to the proficiency of these surgeons, the success rates of Plastic Surgery in India is at par with the international benchmarks.

Although the need for different types of Plastic Surgery is very high, because of the high-priced packages in the other developed countries like UK or USA, most of the patients are not able to afford it. The usual notion that is attached to Plastic Surgeries is that they are extremely expensive, however, quite opposite to this notion, India offers very low priced packages of Plastic Surgery. This is one of the key benefits of Plastic Surgery in India, which is why patients from several countries across the globe prefer to get this surgery done in India. Like, the Tummy Tuck procedure is priced at $7,000 in USA, and $5,500 in UK, whereas in India, it costs only $2,100. Quite similar to this, the other Plastic Surgeries too, are very reasonably priced.

All these above-mentioned treatment features are certainly very attractive but for patients coming from other countries, obtaining these facilities can be a challenge. This is Tour2india4health comes into the picture. There are many instances or success stories for which this organization is credited for.

About Tour2india4health Consultants:

Tour2india4health Consultants is an expert in the field of Healthcare Tourism in India. The organization’s purpose is to offer hassle-free assistance to patients coming from any corner of the world and has been serving medical tourists wholeheartedly for many years now. The organization’ expansive network is a proof that it has a presence all over India via which it can very ably plan the treatment and surgeries at any of the major hospitals of this country. This way, there are many features of this organization, which has given a major boost to the inflow of medical tourists.

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