5-year-old Bangladeshi boy recognized with severe liver impairment, placed on a ventilator and doctors giving him just 72 hours of survival, was airlifted from Qatar and underwent a successful liver transplant in India.

The best liver transplant surgeons of India have given new life to Mohammed with a successful liver transplant in India. This baby living in Qatar underwent an emergency liver transplant. Earlier, his fulminant hepatic failure (a scientific syndrome of acute and excessive liver impairment) was recognized. It’s far a medical syndrome of acute and severe liver impairment.  Tests in Qatar revealed that the liver enzymes, ammonia, and coagulation profile, have been considerably deranged but medical doctors couldn’t verify the trigger for the fast and sudden deterioration. As his state worsened he was placed on ventilator help and drugs to stabilize his blood pressure.

With the assistance of the Bangladeshi government and its embassy in India, the boy was transferred to India. Mohammed’s father donated part of his liver. The office work for the transplant, which commonly may take over 10 days, was quickened and the transplant was scheduled for the third day of his arrival in the city. Ultimately, it was determined to air-lift him for a possible supra-urgent living donor liver transplant here, however, "safely transferring a child overseas in such a precarious, and unstable situation isn't any mean feat," it said. A 10-hour long liver transplant surgery was performed by best liver transplant surgeons of India, before the surgical procedure, a Covid-19 test was carried out on both father and son who turned out negative.

The donor liver retrieval changed into finished robotically to permit early restoration of the daddy. Best liver transplant surgeons of India carried out the procedure for the boy. “He had an easy postoperative interval and was discharged at the 10th-day post-transplant. Each the donor and the recipient stay well,” best liver transplant surgeons of India stated

A part of the liver was taken out from the kid’s father and transplanted on him, doctors said. In a statement here, the doctors stated that doing a liver transplant in kids may be very hard and needs excessive abilities and information due to the fact children's blood vessels are very tiny and result in liver failure or surgical treatment failure. The maximum critical component is the need to perform the surgical operation with minimum blood loss in kids, and so we did it meticulously under a magnifying loop and we did it effectively, stated the best liver transplant surgeons of India.