Dogs take to social media to share their love of Bark at the Moon Treats

Bark at the Moon’s Instagram page has become increasingly popular with furry fans that are showing their love and loyalty to the brand.  Instagram, an ever growing form of social media, is an online mobile photo sharing site that its followers use to share pictures and videos with other users.  While some Bark at the Moon Instagram followers show their support by simply liking the brand’s photos or leaving comments, others go as far as to post their own photos featuring their pup enjoying Bark at the Moon’s All-Natural treats. Fans like 'gibsonthegoober’ posted with the brand’s treats to say that “the best thing about [these treats] is they are low fat, high in protein, don’t have fillers, no additives, and are growth hormone and steroid free”. Other followers also boasted about the company’s all-natural policy; 'toxic.tazer’ stated that “with Bark at the Moon Dog Treats, you don’t need to read the back [label] because I already know they are all natural, healthy dog treats.” While many Bark at the Moon Instagram followers are stating their appreciation for their human-grade ingredients, other owners were excited to announce that their dogs are crazy about the taste of real meat. '3woofs_1squeak’ posted a photo of their dogs with the treats, the caption reading that “the dogs were obsessed” and “love the taste of all [the treats].”

Bark at the Moon’s latest release, Whole Chicken Hearts for dogs and cats, is appreciated by dog owners for the health benefits that come from vitamins A, B, Taurine, and protein. Dogs enjoy Chicken Hearts for the taste and flavor of real meat. Bark at the Moon’s treat line also includes Natural Turkey Dog Treats, Chicken Jerky and Freeze Dried Salmon Dog Treats.  All four treats are made without the use of additives or preservatives and contain healthy nutrient-rich ingredients harvested in the USA.

Green Butterfly Brands Bark at the Moon treats are gluten-free, making them safe for dogs with specific dietary needs; the treats are also safe for dogs of all sizes and ages. All treats and ingredients are made and sourced in the United States, and the company continues to donate a portion of their proceeds to training service dogs for U.S. veterans. Bark at the Moon can be found on Instagram by searching for “barkatthemoondogtreats”.

About Green Butterfly Brands

Green Butterfly Brands is a small American business committed to providing all-natural pet snacks, made in USA. Bark at the Moon All-Natural Treats offers dog and cat owners a healthy way to reward their pets for love and obedience. Bark at the Moon’s Natural Turkey Treats, Premium Chicken Jerky for dogs, Wild-Caught Salmon Treats, and Whole Chicken Hearts can be purchased on Amazon.

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