Growing up with a father and grandfather who worked with metals, it only made sense that Kornelia would follow in their steps. Emigrating to the U.K. from Poland, she quickly established herself as a leader in the bespoke jewelry world.

Offering a full line of rings for men and women, has choice, handmade rings for men, women and children. Each ring is designed and crafted in its London workshop. Because the jeweler deals directly with suppliers of gold and gems, all rings are reasonably priced.

“Being in London and so close to the best in gold and gems, it only made sense to pass what savings we have to our customers,” said Kornelia, “I have a cadre of buyers who get me the best prices on gold and gems. Since they are commodities and sold on a daily price, my team has the skill to get the raw materials I need at the best prices.”

The line of mens', womens' and childrens' rings shows the variety and detail Kornelia is capable of producing. Her engagement rings are in high demand, especially at this time of year.

“From Christmas to Valentine's Day, it is a struggle to keep with the demands of customers seeking the finest in engagement rings for their loved ones,” said Kornelia, “almost everyone wants a personalized ring that catches every detail and emotion of this experience.”

Kornelia can make any kind of ring, but a specialty is bespoke signet rings.

The decision to specialize in signet rings made perfect sense. Since rings existed for men, they have been fashionable and are recently seeing a resurgence in men's fashion. The ring was primarily designed for a seal or signature for men of power, dignitaries and clergy officials, but today's signet ring can be made to the taste of the individual.

Traditionally worn on the pinky finger, signet rings convey a strong sense of masculinity and aura of gentlemanship that other jewelry cannot match.

“The beauty of a bespoke ring is the wearer will be able to show a personality and certain flair that cannot be matched with a mass produced ring,” said Kornelia.

Kornelia has a team of professional metal workers who can take almost any idea and design for a ring that will be appreciated for a lifetime. Customers can choose a variety of metals from yellow gold to platinum and in a full array of carats to match the customer's choice and budget.

Customers can select a blank ring design and have Kornelia build the signet ring from the ground up. All rings come in a presentation box and include a wax impression and candle.

Interested partied who would like to see Kornelia's work or order a bespoke ring need to visit the website. Visit for more info.


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