09/03/2020, Chennai: Cardiac surgery is a branch of surgical medicine in which surgical treatment of heart and great vessels are performed expert cardiac surgeons available in India. Some of the common heath issues that require surgical treatment to save the life of the patient are ischemic heart disease, congenital heart disease, or valvular heart disease caused by various causes including endocarditis.

Frequently conducted surgical heart treatment includes Heart Value Repair and Replacement, Off-pump coronary artery bypass, CABG, Mitral Value Repair and Replacement, and many others.

Currently, Cardiac Surgery has become a service that has huge demand in every corner of the world and top-notch cardiac surgery treatment is available in India and the developed countries of the world. Surgery on the most vital organ of the body demands the best of human resources, technical skills, equipment, and team effort. With advanced medical facilities, cardiac surgery in India has become quite popular throughout the world. World-class cardiac centers in India have a mortality rate of less than 1% in uncomplicated Cardiac Surgery. Top Cardiac Surgery Hospitals in India are equipped with the latest instruments, technological advance infrastructure, and ethical management practices to offer the best treatment facilities to patients around the globe.

The experienced and skilled Top Heart Surgeons In India have made major contributions in the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease, including cardiac imaging, device placement, valve repair and replacement, bypass surgery, pediatric cardiac surgery, and many more procedures.

Famous Cardiac surgeons of India are well-reputed throughout the world for their specialized care in all aspects of cardiology. They provide the best surgical treatment and post-surgery treatment to give their patients the best cardiac care possible.

Indian cardiac surgeons are known to provide each and every patient with the best cardiac care from prevention, diagnosis to treatment/surgery. Some of the Indian surgeons have gained specialization within the field of cardiology proving their leadership and ability over cardiac surgeons of other nations. The Top 10 Heart Surgeons In India are Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty, Dr. KS Iyer, Dr. Naresh Trehan, Dr. Rajesh Sharma, Dr. Ashok Seth, Dr. Kapadia, Dr. KM Cherian, Dr. Ramakanth Panda, Dr. TS Kler, and Dr. Amit Mittal.

About Indian Health Guru: This medical tourism service provider group excellent cardiological treatment packages in India and overseas patients. The group is focused on providing high-quality surgical treatment facilities to its foreign patients with maximum comfort and satisfaction when they come to India for treatment.

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