Ventricular assist devices (VADs) can offer lifelines to people whose hearts are too weak to meet their needs. These tiny implantable pumps help circulate blood. After a surgical implant process, most people experience extraordinary symptom improvement and better quality of life that lasts for years.

VADs are endorsed when advanced coronary heart failure can't be managed by medication, pacemakers or other treatments. VADs provide a temporary solution for patients waiting a heart transplant, when heart failure is temporary due to an infection or another acute condition, or when individuals are not qualified for a heart transplant.

Best VAD Implant Surgeon in Chennai

Dr. K R Balakrishnan VAD implant surgeon India offers a comprehensive transplant plan focused on personalized care.  He collaborates at every level to provide the very best in transplant services—before, during and following your procedure.  Dr. K R Balakrishnan Fortis Chennai innovative program is enhanced by a compassionate support for both patients and their families.

Dr. K R Balakrishnan VAD implant surgeon India performs approximately 60-80 heart transplants each year. He remains in touch with patients throughout their lives. Dr. K R Balakrishnan Fortis Chennai continues to offer support, education, and medical assistance well after the successful transplant procedure and the patients have returned home.

There may be nothing more complicated than getting a coronary heart surgery, and because of this, Dr. K R Balakrishnan VAD implant surgeon India is a veterans in the field of heart transplants in India. His heart transplant surgery plans are comprehensive, superior and state-of-the-art program to present you a new hope and a new lease of life. Dr. K R Balakrishnan Fortis Chennai provides tailor-made transplant surgeries based on the ailments, age and other complications.

It is his endeavor to help you recover and live lives as you have always wanted - to its fullest. Dr. K R Balakrishnan VAD implant surgeon India performs 1200 cardiac surgeries every year with patients being referred to him even from all over the country as well as from overseas. He has advanced a technique to treating congestive heart failure that is reducing hospital admissions, enhancing people’s life and reducing mortality rates. Dr. K R Balakrishnan Fortis Chennai stresses intensive education and lifestyle counseling.

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