Top 10 orthopedic doctors of Delhi have a new supporting hand for knee replacement surgery with the arrival of the Zimmer Biomet Rosa®️ knee system. The Rosa knee system brings together robot generation with industry-leading surgeons to assist customize surgical strategies.

Best Hospitals for Orthopedic Surgery in Delhi

Best hospitals for orthopedic surgery in Delhi are devoted to prioritizing the health and safety of their patients, visitors and employees to encourage human beings to follow with the coronavirus-related mandates. Whether or not your purpose is returning to the sports or spending good time with your grandchildren, top 10 orthopedic doctors of Delhi have helped many patients reduce or remove their orthopedic-related pain and discomfort. “Technology can never fully replace the many years of experience possessed by professional surgeon, but it may help with approach in certain cases,” stated said top 10 orthopedic doctors of Delhi, Chairman of the best hospitals for orthopedic surgery in Delhi.

ROSA knee is an automatically-assisted surgical tool designed to help carry out total knee replacement surgery. The system is scheduled to be set up at best hospitals for orthopedic surgery in Delhi with surgeries anticipated to begin in early September. Real-time information provided with the by ROSA knee signals surgeons to minuscule movement an patient’s leg might also make during the operation. Further, advanced modeling technology offers a way for surgeons to create 3-dimensional model of a patient’s joint the using images acquired by using x-rays.

About best hospitals for orthopedic surgery in Delhi, due to the fact the hospital’s owner are surgeons, there is a disciplined consciousness on protection and a total commitment to the care and comfort of patients and their family, resulting in splendid surgical outcomes. Comprehensive program at top 10 orthopedic doctors of India offer expert orthopedic care in India, operating collaboratively to make certain which you understand your prognosis and treatment options, the team presents specialty orthopedic services that encompass:

  • Arthroscopic Surgical Operation
  • Foot and ankle surgical procedure
  • Fracture care
  • General orthopedics
  • Hand and upper extremity surgical procedure
  • Shoulder and elbow surgical operation
  • Spine surgical treatment
  • Sports remedy
  • Totally hip and knee replacement
  • Total joint replacement

The robotic assistant also includes capabilities to help with bone resections, assessing the state of soft tissues, and controlling and moving surgical units, which permits for precision and versatility for the healthcare professional during procedures. “Our surgeons maintain to deliver positive patient outcomes, as shown by our low infection rates and patient satisfaction scores,” said top 10 orthopedic doctors of Delhi.






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