To better serve this growing population, many small and medium-sized hospitals in India are starting to offer interventional therapy while larger hospitals are expanding their present interventional services and looking to improve efficiency.

Interventional cardiology is a branch of cardiology that makes use of various types of devices to treat the heart. Today, interventional cardiology is the primary line of treatment for lots of heart sicknesses, specifically ischemic coronary heart sickness. Thanks to the development of this area, fewer and fewer patients want surgical intervention. Our dynamic technique and agility have fuelled our persevered growth, making a move to a new discipline interventional cardiology.

"Offered with a developing variety of possibilities to use interventional strategies for prognosis and treatment, many hospitals are in need of less expensive interventional x-ray structures. Surgeon gives the quality and reliability from the Innova product, and additionally focuses on handing over the liable solution to the conventional interventional cardiology methods that many have requested for," said the best interventional cardiologist in India.

In preference to preventive or noninvasive treatment such as lifestyle changes and most imaging techniques, interventional cardiology offers in particular with greater invasive treatments, regularly through catheters and stenting, the best interventional cardiologists in India are discovering how to make these treatments safer and more effective.

In the past, open-coronary heart surgery was the only choice for high-risk patients with aortic stenosis or a narrowing of the aortic coronary heart valve. The less invasive transcatheter aortic valve substitute (TAVR), a process in which a new valve is deployed inside the diseased one, has received ground as the safer alternative for most patients requiring aortic valve replacement. Dr.TS Kler, the best interventional cardiologist in India is engaging in clinical trials to determine whether this technique is likewise an amazing choice for low-risk patients. The huge experience of physicians performing TAVR allows facilitating the best procedural outcomes. The introduction of a database of all patients who've gone through TAVR permits researchers to better results and aid future research of TAVR

According to the best interventional cardiologist in India, Similarly, open-heart surgery is the standard for replacement of the mitral valve; however, a few patients aren't healthy enough for this surgical treatment. Other less invasive treatment alternatives to treat leaking of the mitral valve consist of clipping the valve leaflets (mitral clip), attaching chords to the underneath of the valve leaflet (record trial), and converting the mitral valve with a brand new transcatheter valve. Another investigational treatment, Cardiamp, is designed to deliver a dose of a person’s own bone marrow cells to the point of cardiac dysfunction in a routine cardiac catheterization technique.

“Other studies research includes new techniques of coronary artery imaging and coronary artery stents. The effect of stem cells on damaged coronary heart muscle is undergoing testing, as is the use of medicine that thin the blood to aid in noninvasive methods that increase blood flow to the heart. Studies inclusive of these test out newer strategies that eventually turn out to be life-changing for patients” concluded best interventional cardiologist in India.

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