In the race to deliver therapeutics to address brain cancers and prevent recurrence, the blood-brain barrier represents a great hurdle. But brain surgery gives a way to avoid the blood-brain barrier, allowing direct access to the site of a tumor. Best hospital for brain tumor surgery in India are designing a brand new, fast molecular diagnostic and sustained launch healing that could be deployed at some stage in brain surgery to treat gliomas and prevent  their return.

"The primary and perhaps most essential step in treatment of brain tumors is the initial operation, or craniotomy, which obtains tissue to make the analysis, and, for lower grade lesions, provides a therapeutic gain from elimination of the tumor mass," said best interventional neuroradiologist in India.

Lower grade gliomas, rather than high-grade gliomas like glioblastoma, generally tend to initially be benign however can cause disability, seizures and fatality as they grow and compress regular brain tissue. Low grade gliomas also regularly recur and, over the years, can remodel into malignant brain cancer as they collect mutations.

Current research have found that many low grade gliomas harbor IDH1 and IDH2  mutations – genetic changes that can make cancer cells susceptible to metabolic therapeutics. However, those cures will have toxic side effects if introduced thru traditional routes.

To conquer these demanding situations and take advantage of the specific opportunity offered when a patient undergoes surgical procedure to dispose of a glioma, best interventional neuroradiologist in India advanced a speedy genetic test that could determine if a tumor harbors an IDH1 and IDH2  mutation or numerous different mutations. Using formerly gathered patient samples; the team tested their fast genotyping assay and observed that that they could come across mutations inside 27 mins. For 75 of the 87 clinically annotated brain tumor specimens tested, the group captured the presence of one or extra mutations.

Further to the rapid diagnostic, the team of best hospital for brain tumor surgery in India has additionally advanced a sustained launch microparticle drug delivery device which could offer localized treatment and sustained protection. The team tested this delivery gadget in a mouse model and suggested full-size enhancements in survival time.

Best interventional neuroradiologist in India stated that in addition testing of the microparticle system is needed to pick out the gold standard components to advance into future medical trials. Exploring aggregate treatments could in addition enhance the effcets of their local therapy approach.

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