Top hospitals for liver transplants are now able to provide even more hope to those in need of a lifesaving liver transplant.

The Best liver transplant surgeon in India is now able to surgically remove part of the liver of a living organ donor and transplant it into a patient in need of a new liver. The first living donor liver transplant surgery at top hospitals for liver transplant is scheduled for early August.

When an affected person gets a living donor liver transplant, their complete liver is removed and changed with a part of the donor’s healthy liver. The human liver is able to regenerate or to update lost liver tissue with growth from the remaining healthful tissue. “Our job is to provide access to our sufferers and keep their lives, and starting up a new road through a living liver donation helps make bigger get entry to,” stated top hospitals for a liver transplant.

In 2019, 524 living liver donor transplants were performed across the nation, accounting for about 6% of the total 8,896 liver transplants. This highly specialized surgery is performed at top hospitals for a liver transplant.

Top hospitals for liver transplant is home to only comprehensive organ transplant program for adults. This program offers heart, kidney, liver, and pancreas transplants and is considered a national leader in transplantation surgical operation and research. The best liver transplant surgeon in India last performed a living donor liver transplant in 2001.

In 2019, Top hospitals for liver transplant program marked its eighth consecutive year of growth, with 133 liver transplants and 178 kidney transplants, including 59 from living kidney donors. 2019 was also a groundbreaking year for clinical research, with the first liver transplant in India performed using a donor organ preserved through mobile cold perfusion.

“Due to the strength of our crew and the knowledge of our surgeons, we're proud with a take the complete responsibility of allowing a healthful person to donate "a part of their liver and provide more hope to patients who need it most,” best liver transplant surgeon in India said. This donated segment of the liver is then placed in the recipient within the next operating room similar to the usual liver transplant procedure.

The remaining part of the donor’s liver is enough to maintain normal body function. The recipient also receives a large section of the donor's liver to preserve body functions. During approximately the subsequent months, the last and transplanted parts of the donor's liver develop to normal size, providing everyday long-term liver function for the donor and the recipient. Best liver transplant surgeons in India have performed living donor liver transplants and liver resection surgeries, which are similar in nature.

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