Best neuro spine hospital Kokilaben Mumbai utilizing precision virtual reality™ to enhance surgical planning and patient education

Best neuro spine hospital Kokilaben Mumbai announces it is the first in India to use the precision virtual reality™ medical visualization platform. This innovative, enterprise-wide virtual reality technology provides Kokilaben’s international-renowned neurosurgeons and physicians with a never-before view of the anatomy and pathology of their sufferers’ complicated neurologic conditions. For patients, precision VR™ is a treasured tool for shared selection making and facilitates patients visualize and realize their medical conditions by means of taking into consideration intuitive and immersive expertise in their treatment plans while supporting the overall path to a simpler, faster, and smoother recuperation.

Best neuro spine hospital Kokilaben Mumbai imparting the virtual and augmented reality-based healthcare services, is the first to combine present-day fighter jet flight simulation era with a patient’s own anatomy scans, using medical imaging along with MRI, CT, and DTI, to create a 3-D, 360-diploma room-scale digital fact reconstruction of the patient’s pathology and anatomy. Precision VR revolutionizes patients care in the hospital while offering cutting-edge planning and navigation in the operating room, in addition to effective equipment for medical education and collaboration for Kokilaben hospital’s neurosurgical and medical communities.

The Precision VR empowers the best neuro spine hospital Kokilaben Mumbai surgeons and patients with technology that enables them to swipe their fingers throughout a touch screen, then walk into patient-particular digital fact, room-scale reconstruction throughout a surgical consult.

“We carefully build every patient’s treatment plan based totally on the philosophy that every patient is unique and every procedure is distinct, that's why we spend years committed to learning to visualize a patient’s anatomy and how their condition affects vital structures, specifically in the event that surgical treatment is vital,” said Neurosurgeon at Best neuro spine hospital Kokilaben Mumbai. “Precision VR is truly a step forward technology for neurosurgery that provides an immersive view that is instrumental to the visualization technique and enhances the customized treatment plans we facilitate for sufferers. The VR reconstruction additionally helps facilitate communication and build rapport with the aid of giving doctors a visible way to lead patients thru their approaches.”

When wearing the VR headset, a VR-empowered health practitioner and the patient can tour a patient’s pathology. Collectively, they actually stroll into the space among vascular structures and stand between arteries and the tumor or an aneurysm. By simply turning their head to and fro, the patient can further explore their anatomy as the physician explains and demonstrates the planned surgical route or minimally invasive corridor the medical team will use all through the system. This 360-degree visible representation gives the patient and their families an informative and deep understanding of their condition by means of visually answering questions about surgical approaches and other medical concerns.

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