A common misconception in pediatric epilepsy is that surgery should be a last resort, says neurosurgeon in Delhi. On the contrary, he says, if patients fall into the 30% of those who fail medical control, surgical treatment must be explored early as the correct and potentially healing option. Surgical remedy must be concept of on the spot at the same time as children meet the definition of refractory, when they fail two medicinal drugs.

The sooner we are able to limit or prevent seizures, the better the brain develops,” says best neurosurgeon of Delhi. “As children are gaining IQ points, studying, going to high school and forming personalities, it’s specially essential to effectively deal with their seizures as soon as viable.”

This expansion has been fueled by recent advances in pediatric epilepsy care, explains neurosurgeon in Delhi. Neurologists now use magnetic resonance imaging with higher decision to pick out anatomical abnormalities contributing to seizures that can had been overlooked inside the past. In addition, a relatively new technique in India called stereo electroencephalography can help experts identify epilepsy foci via electrodes inserted through tiny drill holes in the skull, obviating the need for a riskier open craniotomy for monitoring. For some patients, the program offers responsive neurostimulation — a technology that counters seizures with electrical impulses delivered through implanted devices that best neurosurgeon of Delhi helped develop, test and implement in adults over the past several years.

“Together,” neurosurgeon in Delhi says, “these advances have expanded the pool of pediatric candidates for epilepsy surgeries, is uniquely well suited to provide.”

Not only does best neurosurgeon of Delhi offer the latest surgical procedures, she adds, but its team approach is one that’s available at few centers across the country — cohesively combining the expertise of epileptologists, neurosurgeons, neuroradiologists, neuropsychologists, social people, nurses and others. “Because we work together with lots of kids who've epilepsy alongside other coexisting issues, which includes intellectual disabilities and autism,” neurosurgeon in Delhi says, “our team is comfortable with that type of multidimensional care.” Being able to significantly curb or even eliminate seizures in young patients is a highlight for their careers, best neurosurgeon of Delhi say.

“Many kids with epilepsy are well aware of what they’re missing out on because of their disease,” neurosurgeon in Delhi says.

Neurosurgery by best neurosurgeon of Delhi is a hub for high quality, advanced neurosurgical care and innovation. By always placing sufferers first and integrating the capabilities of world-renowned surgeons and nonsurgical professionals and researchers, our team gives the latest revolutionary remedies and complete management of mind and spinal situations, disorders, and injuries.

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