Pancreatic cancer is basically an uncontrolled growth of sore or tumor on your pancreas—a vital internal organ in your abdomen that lies horizontally behind the lower part of your stomach near the liver. The pancreas releases different types of enzymes that aid digestion, and also secrets various hormones including insulin that helps to manage your blood sugar.

Pancreatic cancer has a tendency to spread rapidly to nearby organs. And pancreatic cancer is hard to detect in early-stage until it spreads to other organs and shows symptoms. But for people with pancreatic cysts or a family history of pancreatic cancer, it is good to go through screening tests on a regular basis that might help detect a problem early. One of the common signs of pancreatic cancer is diabetes, especially when it accompanied by weight loss, jaundice or pain in the upper abdomen that spreads to the back.

Pancreatic Cancer Treatment in India might take place in various ways depending on the position and size of the cancerous tumor within and overall health condition of the patient. Some of the commonly followed Pancreatic Cancer surgery in India are:

Whipple procedure: Removal of the widest part of the pancreas, the best option is to remove the head of the pancreas and part of the small intestine, bile duct, and stomach; followed by reconnection of the digestive tract and biliary system.

Distal pancreatectomy: This is the procedure of removing the tail and body of the pancreas, as well as the spleen.

Total pancreatectomy: Removal of complete pancreas along with common bile duct, gallbladder, spleen, a section of small intestine and stomach.

Apart from these procedures, different palliative surgeries are also in practice when a pancreatectomy can’t be done. Commonly used palliative surgeries are the insertion of a plastic or metal tube called a stent, biliary bypass, gastric bypass, and coeliac plexus nerve block. These surgeries are used to reduce the symptom of pancreatic cancer and relief the pain.

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