Heart ailment is responsible for one in four deaths globally and amidst the pandemic, heart patients are at a better chance of risk and death however much more likely to forgo treatment. Latest cardiology and cardiac surgery have progressed in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease. Lamentably, statistics show, that this remains the primary cause of death in the western world wherein 1 heart attack happens every 4-5 seconds. In India 20.000 myocardial heart attacks occur in line with the year of which 1 in 4 does not make it to the hospital. What are we lacking and what are we doing incorrectly?  Prevention is the solution as the cardiovascular disease does now not just happen.

Minimally Invasive cardiac surgeons in India's top 5 introduced the release of the primary committed robot-assisted cardiac surgical operation unit in India. Best robotic cardiac surgery hospital in India in 2021 may be prepared with the superior fourth-technology flexible ‘da Vinci xi’ robot surgical device and a team led by minimally Invasive cardiac surgeons in India top 5, aerobic-thoracic and vascular health care provider and HoD, robotic cardiac surgery unit, according to with the release.

Minimally Invasive cardiac surgeons in India's top 5 stated, “...the dedicated robotic-assisted cardiac surgery unit might be the first in India to offer a full-time robotic heart surgery program."

HoD, the best robotic cardiac surgery hospital in India in 2021 said, “The development of a robot-assisted cardiac surgical remedy utility offers affordable robotic heart surgery cost India with a top notch amount of self-control and instruction, and we are proud to have released a devoted application for the first time in India. A high-definition camera offers a clean, 3-D view of the chest to the health practitioner on a console display screen. Smoking, high blood pressure, lack of exercise, high cholesterol, and diabetes are important. Even supposing we accept as true with we're in a low-risk element group for a cardiovascular disorder, the best prevention is traveling a specialized heart specialist.

Minimally Invasive cardiac surgeons in India's top 5 said, “The robotic-assisted cardiac surgery program will now be accessible to patients, not just throughout the nation, but the world too. One of the essential functions of the specialized unit lies in that it will assist reduce strain on the surgeon, through imparting excellent vision, along with an increase in consolation whilst performing long surgeries. Very a few centers in the globe offer this service and we are proud that the best robotic cardiac surgery hospital in India in 2021 is the first in the world.”

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