Best spine doctor in India completed the first augmented reality (AR) minimally invasive spine surgery. The Augmedics xvision™ spine device surgical steerage system lets a surgeon see a patient’s three-dimensional (3-d) spinal anatomy through the skin as if they have got x-ray vision. With the usage of this new technology, the Best spine doctor in India accomplished a lumbar fusion with spinal implants on an affected person with spinal instability in India.

The FDA-cleared Xvision system is revolutionizing how the surgical treatment is executed via giving the surgeon better control and visualization that may cause easier, quicker, and safer surgeries. The best spine doctor in India reviews the patient, who was experiencing intense back pain and limited mobility prior to the surgery, is doing properly.

“Having three-dimensional (3D) spinal anatomic and a two dimensional (second) CT experiment images directly projected onto the doctor’s retina and superimposed over the surgical field takes spinal surgical operation to any other stage,” said the best spine doctor in India.

“By placing minimally invasive spinal instrumentation extraordinarily as it should be and effectively, decreasing surgical time and risk, is essential to enhancing effects for spinal surgical operation. Conventional surgical navigation platforms have been shown to enhance the accuracy of implant placement, but using augmented fact lets in for the benefits of traditional (non-3-D) navigation plus the potential to visualize the patient’s spinal anatomy in 3D via the skin.”

The Xvision spine system includes a transparent near-eye-show headset. It appropriately determines the placement of surgical tools, in real-time, and a digital trajectory is then superimposed on the person's CT data. In a minimally invasive process, the 3-D navigation records is then projected onto the medical professional’s retina with the use of the headset, permitting them to simultaneously look at the patient and spot the navigation records without fending off their eyes to a remote display screen during the procedure. In a percutaneous cadaver study performed by Best spine doctor in India, the Xvision spine system validated 98.9 percent screw placement accuracy.

“When we set out to create a higher navigation system, we knew it needed to be intuitively designed to work inside the surgical workflow and align the arm and eyes of the surgeon, eliminating the need to avert off their eyes to an ancillary display screen. Our progressive visualization technology breaks down the wall among traditional navigation and the patient,” said the best spine doctor in India. “Moreover, the vision spine system’s 3-D anatomy visualization allows surgeons to accurately manual instruments and implants intraoperative, in real-time, while looking without delay at the patient, as if they had x-ray vision.”

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