Spine surgery is an advanced treatment procedure for neck and back ache arising due to identifiable lesions in a person’s spine. Almost 80% of the people across the globe witness lower back pain sometime or the alternative during their lifetime. Even though back surgical procedure is a hard decision, there may not be an opportunity choice specifically in instances wherein conditions have no longer successfully improved with nonsurgical treatments.

When it comes to choosing the country that provides an affordable cost of spine surgery India, the price difference is massive in comparison to the hospitals in other international medically advanced countries like US, UK, and UAE. Cost of spine surgery India are affordable & just a fraction of what you normally pay in the western developed countries.   If we evaluate the cost spine surgery India with other national locations than India is almost a fraction of what actual cost someone receives in western counterparts of the globe and that is the biggest reason, why hundreds of individuals travel to get their spine surgical operation India.

Best spine surgeons of India have years of experience in who have been trained at some of the best clinical establishments and hospitals in India and overseas and are professionals in cardiology. With international quality and healthcare, international patients are an increasing looking at clinical tourism to undergo affordable cost of spine surgery India successfully.

Success story of Azizi Bello from Africa who received best spine surgeons of India, “I was desperate I had acute pain shooting down his hip and leg, radiating in all directions. I couldn’t sit or stand, much less sleep. I was in agony. An MRI test showed I had a large herniated disc in my lumbar spine at level L3/L4. I searched the Internet and located affordable cost of spine surgery India.  I was impressed after talking to best spine surgeons of India on phone who explained step by step what I would go through if I needed surgery, it was one of the most high-quality conversations I’ve ever had. I was able to schedule appointment to see best spine surgeons of India right away.  I had the micro lumbar discectomy in the morning, and three hours later, I was pain-free. I went into surgery in agony, and woke up with virtually no pain at all. Thank you, best spine surgeons of India; you gave me my life back!”

Coming to an India for getting treatment can be scary as well as a confusing experiencing. Dheeraj Bojwani Consultant has been known for years after year for ordinary patient safety and the very highest standards. Our safety precautions are guided thru specialists inside the field of infectious diseases, infection prevention, public fitness and high-quality development. Each member of our group is devoted to our patient, team of workers and network safe. Dheeraj Bojwani Consultant has a long-status commitment to the health care needs our groups. Your safety is our highest priority.


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