Beta Peg, a financial advisory service provider, recently started offering free tips and advices on the basics of investment so that new investors can take informed and educated decisions during investing in stocks, real estate and Forex. The free tips and advices doled out by the financial advisory service provider can now be emailed to their subscribers periodically. Readers and visitors of the top business news portal can also read their blogs to know about the essentials. Additionally, the financial experts who work as columnists and financial advisors for Beta Peg also educate readers and subscribers about risk mitigation during investment.

Beta Peg financial advisors take pride in the fact that they educate their subscribers and general readers free. The blog section the financial advisory service provider runs on its website comes complete with insightful statistical analysis. Besides educating their readers about the macro factors in investment, Beta Peg also educates its readers about the basic terms and terminologies often used in the financial world. In addition to that, Beta Peg also brings in latest financial news to their readers and users so that they can always stay on top of the mind about the best-selling stocks and the different avenues of investment.

Kevin Leung, the main man behind the Victoria, Australia based financial advisory firm, recently attended a conference for investors where he spoke at length about the challenges faced by small investors and first-time investors.

“Most of us entering the world of investment for the first time have a tendency of making small investments, which is not wrong. However, it’s important to have a solid understanding of the micro and macroeconomic factors that control the market in a big way. Our aim is to educate our readers about the small and big factors that play a big role in the world of investment”, said Kevin during the conference.

He also proudly announced that Beta Peg now ranks among the best finance blogs , for which he thanked all the financial experts contributing to Beta Peg.

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