1st of February 2017, New York

Kitchen Supreme is constantly looking for ways to showcase their high quality gadgets through various campaigns. In an attempt to create a fusion of useful kitchen utensils, Kitchen Supreme and Chef Remi have decided to join forces and bring their customers a new way to use their products with minimal implications from their side!

As such, when the idea of a sweepstake was suggested, Kitchen Supreme had to select the gadget they will offer to the winner. The Spiral Slicer became the company’s option for this campaign in particular as it’s been their bestselling product for the past few years.

Kitchen Supreme and Chef Remi have a common business idea. They both desire and are committed to designing genuine quality kitchen utensils and share their recipes in order to support the effort busy parents have to endure in order to cook for their loved ones on a daily basis. Kitchen Supreme’s part is introducing the veggie spiralizer as a quicker option to chopping, cutting and julienning the vegetables.

Children are notorious for their unjustified aversion towards vegetables, however, with the Kitchen Supreme Spiralizer; the job is already half done. In order to support their appetite for healthier foods, this zucchini noodle maker creates delicious and fun-looking replacements to high-carb, heavy pastas.

And because Kitchen Supreme is constantly looking for ways to make cooking both interesting and quick at the same time, this BPA-free spiralizer comes with a brush that can be used to clean eventual vegetable blockages. On top of that, it is also a dishwasher safe device that can be stored easily after each use.

About the product

The Kitchen Supreme Slicer Spiralizer is a gadget designed to help and ease the process of switching to healthier options by creating tasty, vegetable noodles that the whole family can enjoy. The spiralizer also comes with a cleaning brush, a ceramic peeler and a recipe book filled with ideas to reduce the time spent looking for the next. The product is both BPA free and dishwasher safe, and it comes secured under the promise of a lifetime warranty.

About the company

Kitchen Supreme is a business based in the USA that was founded in 2013 and that vows to offer only top quality gadgets produced under the close scrutiny of Frank Williams himself, the owner of the company. Before their products even leave the plan phase, they test them thoroughly and aim to use only high-quality materials to increase their customer satisfaction at all times.

Their products have been constantly improving since their launch and they follow the feedback their customers leave closely as they consider that their needs are essential in order for the business to grow further and expand.

For further information, please visit http://www.kitchen-supreme.com/  or use the contact details listed below:

Company Name: Kitchen Supreme

Contact name: Frank Williams

E-mail address: [email protected]