27, February 2015: Bio Glaciere Review – Due to the increasing demand of Bio Glaciere age-defying eye serum, the company had been producing more and more Bio Glaciere skin care products, and went across border this time.

That’s the recent report released in the media. It further reported that thousands of women have been very fascinated with the powerful anti-aging effects of Bio Glaciere skin care eye serum, yet it is so gentle and safe to use.

Yesterday in Jacksonville Florida, Cosmo magazine called for a press conference and gathered women to witness their interview to Pamela Shellman, the spokesperson of Bio Glaciere skin care line. Along with the event, was the relaunching of this amazing revolutionary formula in order to made the public know more of it’s excellent features as an age defying or anti-aging skin treatment.

The spokesperson at first tried to emphasized that Bio Glaciere may have one of the most extensive blended formula but she pointed out that it is clinically proven to be safe and gentle since the ingredients are naturally-derived materials and hypoallergenic. As well, due to its organic components, this means that Bio Glaciere for sure, does not contain any additives, chemical or synthetic materials which can contribute harm to the skin which lead to side effects or allergic reactions.

Pamela Shellman defined, Bio Glaciere is a swiss alpine, age defying, stem cell eye serum. It is an incredible skin care that has the ability to rejuvenate the skin without undergoing the high causing risk cosmetic surgery. It has the capacity to;

* Tightens and smooth out skin by 89%
* Reduces fine lines and wrinkles by 94%
* Minimize the appearance of dark circles 84%

Of course, the spokesperson never failed to discuss on how Bio Glaciere really works onto the skin. She explained that Bio Glaciere anti-aging eye serum works to the skin by treating and giving the skin the following functional advantages;

* Eliminates wrinkles
* Promotes collagen production
* Plumps and firms the skin

Before here parking words, Ms. Shellman leave to the audience the official webpage of Bio Glaciere eye serum. She challenged all women especially those who haven’t tried the wonders of Bio Glaciere skin care yet and try to discover themselves more of exceptional attributes.

Moreover, a limited risk free trial is giving away for those who can catch up visiting the website as early as possible since stocks of Bio Glaciere are actually very limited.

For more information, please visit http://skinsurv.com/bioglaciere-serum-review/

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