17, December 2014: As unhealthy food has become the preferred choice of many, the arrival of the holiday season makes the issue of weight loss even worse. Yet, BioGanix, one of the leading manufacturers of health care supplements, has taken an initiative to ensure the holiday season is lived fully by all. With the launch of its Pure Yacon Root Extract, a supplement made using 100% organic Yacon Root extract, BioGanix has sought to provide users with a long term weight loss solution that can put the worries of consuming excess calories to rest. Dealing with the core issues that would hinder weight loss, the Yacon Root Extract makes losing weight a natural and easy process. Moreover, since the Yacon Root Extract has been proved time and again by clinical studies, the supplement has become all the more appealing for the masses. Thus, with the all new Organic Yacon Root extract by BioGanix now available in massive quantities on Amazon, BioGanix has taken a bold step to ensure no one is left out from obtaining the supplement throughout the holiday season.

Organic Yacon Root Extract – Bringing Smiles This Holiday Season

BioGanix aims to make a healthy life seem like a natural process and at the same time block out issues such as weight gain completely. Therefore, the Yacon Root Extract seems like the perfect solution for the holiday season by many. Although the treats during holidays are delicious, the number of calories they contain can quickly add up to a large sum. Hence, controlling the weight during the holidays is tougher for people who are on the course of losing weight.

A boxer by profession and a content user of the Organic Yacon Root Extract by BioGanix, Adam quotes “As a boxer, weight gain is a major issue, because if I weigh over, I cannot compete. Usually being one to two pounds over at my pre-weight check, I have often had to resort to unhealthy methods such as dehydrating myself or starvation to make it back into my mark.”

He adds “When I was on the verge of quitting, a buddy of mine got me to try Yacon Root Extract. At first, I was hesitant to try it, but after a little research, I couldn’t find anything negative about the product so I gave it a shot. Before I knew it, I felt healthier; I didn’t crave fatty foods as much, and was better able to stay in my weight class. I no longer have to resort to methods that could have caused permanent damage. Trying this product was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time!”

Promising to suppress the appetite, the Organic Yacon Root extract by BioGanix proclaims to block out the hunger pangs and speed up the metabolic system of the body. Moreover, according to the manufacturer, the Yacon Root Extract also helps curb blood sugar levels and keeps diabetes at bay, both of which are welcoming news for those who want to treat themselves to the delicacies of the holidays

About BioGanix:

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