Blue Key World, one of the leading provider of high quality cable clips achieved another increased sales within Q4 2016. This continuing growth denotes that the company’s cable clips sales in the year-to-date are higher than the same point last year.

Founded in 2014, Blue Key World specializes in cable management industry and produces high-quality multi-purpose cable clips made to maintain areas cables organized and clutter-free. The company is the one behind the sought after Blue Key World iPhone 6 Armband and Blue Key World Cable Management System. You can find other products from Blue Key World in

In present time of mobile gadgets and technology, keeping USB cables and charging ales organized and neat could be a great timesaver and relief, the Blue Key World’s Cable Clips enables its users to get easy access to all cables in the position. Its versatile and unique design of the Cable Clip works both with thick and thin wires, which are typically found on desktop computer, cellphone, smartphone, iPhone wires and USB cords too.

“Where have these been all my life? Love these! Like most people, I have a bunch of devices that all require chargers. My cords are always getting tangled, the chargers fall to the floor and risk being broken. I used these at home to organize my chargers and no more tangled cords. I also took one to work where my phone charger cord constantly falls behind the desk. I used one of these clips now my cord is right where I need it. No more crawling on the floor to find it. Highly recommend!” says Roni, a satisfied customer of Blue Key World’s Cable Clips.

According to the company, “The Blue Key World Cable Clips are compatible with all cables; this means that you can use this even with the thinnest cables. You will get more productive by saving valuable seconds every day that will add up to hours and dollars in the end of the year!”

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Founded in 2014, Blue Key World is a retailer and a company provider of computer and cell phone accessories on The goal of the company is to offer products, which makes the lives of their customer free from any hassle and save time.

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