Wynnum real estate agent and owner of BESOLD, Bob Trendle has been able to complete real estate deals worth over $50,000,000 in five years, thanks to his extraordinary efforts and his vast experience of the area.

In his over ten years of being in the Wynnum real estate market, Bob Trendle has been able to sell more homes than any other real estate agent Wynnum. His efforts has been recognized by different real estate stakeholders and institutions across Australia, constantly receiving the award as one of the top performing agents while he was with LJHooker, in addition to receiving several National Awards.

In his ten years of being in the real estate sector in Wynnum working for both LJHooker and Remax, he was constantly ranked in the Top 20 Nationally recognized Real Estate agents, distinguishing himself from other real estate agents Wynnum.

Bob’s BESOLD takes the buying and selling of homes in Wynnum from the point of conception to the completion of the transaction, starting with the provision of a free appraisal or valuation that is made available upon request in less than 48 hours.

Bob through BESOLD also provides a personalised real estate marketing package worth almost $500 to clients, helping to enhance their chances of selling the home at the right price. As there is more to selling a home than putting a price tag on it, homeowners need to realize the crux of home sales and how to ensure they get real value for their property, which is the primary aim of providing the marketing package at no cost.

Homeowners intending to sell their homes need to have the right information about the local real estate market in Wynnum and Bob has been able to provide this, thanks to his vast knowledge of the area and the market.

As a local real estate agent in Wynnum, Bob through BESOLD does not only handle the sale of homes but also ensures that homeowners that want to sell their properties do so at the right price. Timely information and a reliable estate agent are two important features of a rewarding real estate transaction and BESOLD ensures that home sellers and buyers get the best of these.


BESOLD is a real estate firm based in Wynnum and owned by renowned real estate agent, Bob Trendle. Bob Trendle with the establishment of BESOLD aims to develop the Wynnum real estate market by effectively brokering real estate deals and ensuring that every party involved gets value at the end of the transaction.

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