Of late, India has emerged out as an important healthcare destination for global patients. With passing time, the global patients have realised the fact that they can only get the healthcare services at affordable costs. This combination is hard to get that has made India the top fifth most preferred destination for global patients. The global patients can avail a wide range of healthcare services, which include the bone marrow transplant in India. This has given birth to a number of medical tourism companies that cater the global patients with one of the best healthcare services at affordable cost. One such group is India Organ Transplant, which is known as the best in the field of medical tourism.

Blood cancer constitute a sizeable amount of population among the global patients and one of the effective ways of getting rid of this dreaded ailment is through bone marrow transplant in India. Indian healthcare systems have come a long way in establishing its niche hard in this domain. A huge investment has been carried out in the domain of healthcare services giving you one of the best healthcare systems including having the top cancer hospitals and clinics in the country that offer the best of the bone marrow transplant in India.

As per reports, in 2010 alone 1.15 lakhs of people have been reported with blood cancer in India also. These are the Indian Council for Medical Research reports that further suggest that 35-40% of the patients are seen reported with allogeneic bone marrow transplants. But only one third of the cases are able to get the match for the bone marrow transplant. Also, if you look at the reports by Institute Rotary Cancer Hospital and the reputed hospitals like All India Institute of Medical Sciences, the number of donors are now increasing and that has further helped to promote medical tourism in the country. In other words, Bone Marrow Transplant in India is getting a good response in the media.

About India Organ Transplant: The country has witnessed some of the top medical tourism grow and attract global patients for a number of organ transplant surgeries. And one such group is India Organ Transplant, which stands tall for the organ transplant services. The group has one of the best hospitals and clinics in its network along with top surgeons and transplant experts that together offer the Bone Marrow Transplant in India. You can further explore about this group in its website or call them out for getting quality and affordable healthcare services.

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