When it comes to birthday party accessories, nothing is more popular than bouncy castles according to a leading hire firm. Children have loved jumping up and down on those inflatables for many years, but now they’ve become the must-have product for 2016. People of all ages have a great time on the castles, and Ace has some of the best designs in stock. Indeed, that is why their phones have been ringing off the hook for the last few months.

Everyone knows that food is essential when planning a birthday party. However, a lack of entertainment could ruin the special day for your child. Paying a clown to come and keep them occupied is going to cost a lot of money, and the show won’t last very long. The same goes for other traditional party acts you might hire. Even so, a bouncy castle could ensure everyone has a great time all day. In most instances, Ace Bouncy Castles lease their products for around five hours.

You might wonder about the amount of space you require to hire a bouncy castle. Luckily, all the information you need is over at The team can set everything up in as little as fifteen minutes, so they don’t need to arrive early in the morning. That means you’re free to make all those sandwiches and get your kids ready for the big day. A small deposit is required in the form of a booking fee, but you can pay the remainder when the team arrives.

There are many hire companies in the marketplace at the moment. However, Ace Bouncy Castles is the best for the following reasons:

●    Nobody beats them on price.
●    Customers can hire popcorn and fairy floss machines.
●    Broad range of products.
●    Almost 20 years experience.
●    Prompt arrival times.
●    Full service.
●    Friendly and approachable staff.

The entire team aims to provide party organisers with the best inflatables on the market. That’s why all their products are checked for issues after every job. They’re always happy to lend a hand, and they want to make sure your party goes off without a hitch.

Getting in touch and arranging your booking is simple. Either visit the Ace Bouncy Castles website or use the contact information below. It’s always wise to discuss your requirements ahead of time to avoid any disappointment. The team will work with you to come to the best solutions for your occasion. It’s not just kids who get to enjoy the fun either. The company now caters for adult parties too!
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