13, October 2014: The revised system follows a series of initiatives the firm outlined to ensure the quality, objectivity and integrity of its investment research. These changes are in line with, or in addition to, guidelines and requirements by the Hong Kong trading authorities.

The system will include three ratings: (1) Outperform; (2) In Line and (3) Underperform, to be assigned to the stocks within each analyst’s coverage universe, on a not weighted basis with respect to market capitalization. The firm is establishing Regional Investment Research Review Committees (representing the Americas, Europe, Japan and the Asia-Pacific regions) that will approve all initial ratings and any changes thereafter. The firm is also establishing a Global Investment Research Policy Committee, comprised of Steven Eng and Andrew Ngor, co-heads of Global Investment Research, the regional research directors and other senior members of the division that, among its responsibilities, will monitor the distribution of ratings.

Brandt Swift Associates will also introduce a Current Investment List, focused on timely investment opportunities for its investor clients. To add a stock to the list, approval of the appropriate regional investment research review committee is necessary. Listed stocks will have 12-month price targets, and will be removed automatically after 90 days. Only after receiving approval from the regional investment research review committee can stocks be reinstated to the list — to maximize the currency and value of the list as an investment tool.

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