The United Kingdom has had quite an exciting couple of years with the Royal Wedding, the Olympics, the Diamond Jubilee and now a new prince or princess about to be born. Tourism is thriving in every part of the United Kingdom and its growth does not seem to be slowing down. London in particular is a very popular destination for school trips and family vacations even despite the potential effects of the infamous “Olympic Curse”, which has notoriously led to tourism in many cities that have hosted the games dropping significantly. Luckily for England, this has not been the case. 

In fact, the tourism industry has seen a spike in the number of people visiting London and other big attractions in Britain and Ireland. The UK has become one of the top three places in the world for young people on school trips to visit since the celebrations began about two years ago. 

The country has worked extremely hard to achieve these results with twenty five million pounds spent on an international marketing campaign titled GREAT. This campaign targeted fourteen major cities, such as Sydney and Beijing, with the main aim being to continue drawing tourists and retain Britain’s reputation as a top destination for school trips and family vacations. Britain is maintaining the campaign with a further fifteen million pounds, which includes some private sector funding that will help to ensure that the country does not see a decline in tourism as the other Olympic host cities such as Beijing, Athens and Sydney did. The UK has also partnered with Emirates on another two million pound, two-year marketing campaign to promote the country overseas. 

Festivals have been planned and celebrations organised in many of the British Olympic stadiums so that the venues will not become ghost towns and companies such as STS Travel, an educational travel firm, has had a consistent increase in school trips being booked since the Olympic Games. 

There is a huge range of activities planned in order to continue to retain Britain’s reputation as a top tourism destination. The country will host the Ashes series and the Rugby League World Cup while The Olympic Park precinct, renamed the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park will be hosting a number of concerts and celebrations. These will include a two-day ticketed party on July 27th and 28th with musical acts, a food festival, children’s activities and a variety of theatre and art. 

It is clear that the UK is determined to uphold its reputation as a top international tourist destination, and to proactively stave off the potential crippling effects of the “Olympic Curse”. 

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