Budgies As Pets Offering Training And Care For Parrots

05, June 2015: Budgies as Pets is providing training and care for these little parrots. The website is owned and operated by Ashley Ghrey (Ash), who has been caring for and training parakeets (Budgies) for more than 20 years.

Ashley’s 10 part E-course provides one lesson per day via email to users. The course will enlighten individuals on the care of a budgie pet. Topics include: are budgies good pets, tips to select the right bird to ensure that people have a healthy and happy budgie for long time, what budgies actually are and how users can have their very own taught parrot to surprise friends, lessons on the dissimilarity between a male budgie and a female budgie, knowing the exact personality that will best suit them, guiding principles on selecting the correct cage so budgies always feel secure and happy, tips on budgie longevity and how they can live up to nearly 20 years, how to tame a new budgie friend instantly and gain its trust for the rest of its life, budgie talking secrets and more.

When asked, Ashley said, “Yes, we are offering the best online course for training your budgie pet. The course helps you to train your budgies’ talking skills, which will amaze your friends. You will also learn how your little parrot can hate you by the use of some very common toys and tips on how to stay away from them.” She further added, “This online course should be taken by every Budgie pet owner as it offers essential knowledge on keeping your budgie protected from common illnesses.”

The website of Budgies as Pets also provides information on Parakeet Care, Parakeet Breeding, Parakeet Lifespan and Parakeet Sounds. The site also offers products and supplies for pets.

About Budgies As Pets:

Website: http://budgiesaspets.com/

Budgies as Pets is an online pets learning center owned and operated by Ashley Ghrey, a budgie enthusiast with over 20 years of experience in the training and care of budgies. The site is offering an online training course for parrots and several tips for users to take good care of their Budgie pet.