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Once social media websites sprang, they had a tremendous effect on society. Because anyone could share any information they wanted, and millions of people could see those posts, social medias allowed common people to hold and spread information. We did not need news outlets, broadcasts companies or big corporations to send a message to strangers. Instagram is one of most popular social media online. It was released six years ago, and in 2012 it was bought by Facebook. Initially, the service only allowed people to share photos from their phone. Also, you could put different filters, so that your pictures would look more artsy. Today, Instagram offers a wider array of services. Among sharing nice pictures, you can also shoot short videos and also use miscellaneous alternative reality feature, like adding a pair of glasses on your selfie. Instagram posts are liked by other users, and other users can like or share them. The number of likes shows how popular a post is, and every Instagram profile owner tend to take pictures, so that it will result in more likes. Especially businesses struggle to get more likes, because this means they will get more publicity.

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