United States of America; 2/14/2014: Diamonds have always been a favourite with women, precious as they are. Apart from being an ornamental piece diamond is also a mark of status. Whether it is a diamond necklace or a diamond ring or a earring or a bracelet, diamond jewellery is the best gift a woman can have. It not only uplifts the status of the wearer but also adds charm to her personality. Versatile as they are, diamonds can be accessorized with all attires and at all events. It is as much suitable for formal wears as it is for informal and party wears. As it is that diamonds are expensive, it is important to go through authentic reviews before purchasing one. Love Love Book Gifts offers complete and detailed information about diamond jewellery. There are buying options available as well through Amazon at special discounted rates. 

Diamonds can have a number of types and can be of the different qualities. The ones that have pure content are original diamonds. While those that do not have pure content are not original as they are fragile and breakable. Before deciding to buy diamonds it should be made sure that the selected one is not simulated. The simulated or fake diamonds are carved out of glass and are generally distinguishable from the original ones because of the low refractive index of the former. It is better to check out the diamonds for scruffs and scratches before buying one. Fake diamonds, nowadays, are made in such a way so as to make them indistinguishable. Amazon offers original diamond jewellery at discounted prices. 

Wedding is the most important occasion in the life of a person, and more for a woman. She loves to dress herself in the best look and wear the best jewellery to make her look special on the most special day of her life. And no other accessory is as special and as appropriate as diamonds to make her look all the more special and charming. Diamond rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets for wedding are available. The jewelleries have their bases made gold or silver or other metals. Natural white and blue diamonds are rare enough to be found easily by even the jewellers. Love Love Book Gifts offers more such information about diamond jewelleries. 

For those willing to buy diamonds at discounted prices, the website offers through Amazon different types and designs of diamond wedding rings and engagements rings. Pure diamond necklaces are also available at rebated rates. Small diamond pendants and lockets are available in various designs and shapes. 

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