Cancer awareness is a must for all in this twenty-first century individuals, with us facing a large burden of cancer. All of us have at least one close relative/friend/neighbor directly or indirectly affected by cancer. In India, the annual incidence of cancers diagnosed and recorded is 1.1 million new cases, about 7.8% of the global incidence of 187 countries. And about 70-80% of all different cancers are diagnosed in advanced stages III/IV, where the prognosis is poor and a 20% cure rate is observed. On the other hand, the cancers diagnosed in early stages I/II have a good prognosis with 80% cure rates. The late awareness is perhaps due to ignorance, fear, perceived stigma, anticipated suffering, expenses to be incurred on the diagnosis of cancer in an individual and the family members.

People worried about a family history of most cancers are invited to meet with specialists who will propose preventing or delaying the disease. The proposed cancer awareness workshop by Dr. Vinod Raina was aimed to disrupt the myths and misconceptions, and emphasize the facts and figures for the group in the academic arena. The goal to conduct the workshop was ‘Fear Not’ and be ‘Cancer Aware/Alert’ in their lives. In the workshop best oncologist in India discussed

  • Cancer Burden in India 
  • Early Detection 
  • Prevention where feasible 
  • Lifestyle and Cancer 
  • Integration of Cancer Patients/Survivors in normal life 
  • Cancer Vigilant Population 
  • Perception of Cancer as A Chronic/Acute Disease 
  • Perception of Cancer is Curable

The event, organized by Dr. Vinod Raina’s supporting families with the cancer team, will focus on preventing cancer through diet and drugs and lifestyle advice and support. There will also be an opportunity to let the team know your views about how they can best support you and your family. Sessions were led by clinical specialists and leading cancer surgeon India Dr. Vinod Raina and the opportunities were given to ask questions, share your views and find out more about preventing or delaying the onset of inherited cancer. 

There was a one-to-one advice session about safe and effective exercise and information stalls. The talk covered the role of diet, the use of the drug tamoxifen to prevent cancer, and the role of turmeric in preventing bowel cancer. There were a total of 67 participants, wherein the interactive session where people asked questions to the Best oncologist in India regarding induction of cancer and therapy options, the attending participants were given attendance certificates. “It was a chance for everybody to ask questions and share their experiences as we shape services for the future.” Said, Dr. Vinod Raina.

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