Cal El Joins The 100 Music Lane Group

It doesn’t take long for true talent to shine and while Cal El sings he already knew that, the singer is all set to go places with his new found recognition.

(New York,USA, April 22, 2016) - Cal El is on top of the world these days. He's now officially a member of the 100Lane Music Group. The singer is now all set to become a known face to the world. His music is great and people are going to love his songs.
This New Jersey Rapper was formerly known as Skilly, but later chose a different name  Cal El.
Once he discovered his love for singing, there was no looking back for this young man who believes that a fast pace is one of his strongest points.

Cal El has been singing since he was five and trying to impress everyone although he was nervous. By 11 Cal begun rapping with his brother and that's where he got his first lesson in rhythm from.

His latest single 'All Ready Knew That’ is becoming really popular. This single is viral online under the hashtag #allreadynewthat #AKT.  100Lane Music Group is also launching a campaign called 'Who is Cal El’ so more people can get to know who this amazing singer is and discover his talent.

100Lane Music Group which is run by Craig Watson and Lamond Lane believe that Cal El has some amazing talent which the world should know about. They are currently helping him put together his EP which will be titled 'These days’. While there are a number of budding singers out there, Cal El has something that sets him apart. He is passionate about music and his songs are addictive.

Craig and Lamond believe in him and they know that with a little extra effort and motivation Cal El will become a music legend and will be recognized worldwide. From the little kid in New Jersey, to becoming the man he is today, Cal El has come a far way, and this is just the beginning for this talented young man.
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