published an offer including a free complete home security system, with installation and monitoring services that connects users to local emergency services in Calgary, Alberta.

The company provides modern surveillance equipment for homes and properties for free to eligible customers. All the details as well as eligibility criteria are available at homesecurity-calgary. The value of the free equipment is estimated at $850 and the package includes a wireless control panel with illuminated keypad display, sensors for motion detection on doors, plus a high decibel, audible siren and convenient keychain remote to arm and disarm the system at a distance.

System activation is free of charge. The staff can also ensure the connection with monitoring centers for continuous protection of the given property. The alarm connects to local authorities and emergency response services such as the police and fire departments.

The equipment is made to be tamper resistant and withstand Calgary winter weather. The backup battery keeps the alarm system functional in case of a power outage due to inclement weather. Being wireless, it is also protected from wire malfunction and burglars disabling the system by cutting the wires. This represents the latest technology available to consumers, with much more reliable results than wired security systems. In order to benefit from complete coverage, residents are also advised to opt for different sensors — for fire and smoke for example, in addition to the standard motion sensors that detect intruders.

Users will enjoy added benefits such as the possibility to arm and disarm the system from afar, using the keychain remote. Canadian homeowners can take advantage of a free risk assessment consultation to determine their security goals. Once the alarm system is in place, it can deter burglars and thus better protect the property owners and subsequently help them attain greater peace of mind. In case of an emergency, the appropriate response service is promptly dispatched. Other benefits include lowering home insurance premiums by up to 20%.

About the company

HomeSecurity-Calgary.Com sells and installs home security systems to protect residents and properties in Calgary, Canada with a connection to 24/7 monitoring services. The company is an authorized dealer of wireless alarms.

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