China, 07, April 2016: For the smokers, trying out different brands and flavors is among the favorite pass times. Luckily, there are ample number of options for people to choose from. However, this is not true at most of the stores be it online or offline. Each of them feature a standard collection which is limited to specific brands or varieties. In order to make sure that almost every person has his option at a single store, Cigarettes Online Store has come up with its online platform. The store sells products from big to small brands and has an exclusive collection of a number of flavors.

Presently, the company has added a new collection to the Camel Cigarettes and Pall Mall Cigarettes at cheap prices. One can make a purchase through their online store i.e. Additionally, it features products from other popular brands like Marlboro Cigarettes and Dunhill Cigarettes. To check out the special products that is offered at the website, customers can click on the specials category. The list gets updated from time to time. Additionally, customers can check the reviews section on the website that features direct customer reviews that enable them to know more about their favorite products. By clicking on any of the product, one can check out the detailed description along with HD images. This facilitates a better understanding of the product and making an informed decision. Customers can then move ahead and select the specific quantities that they might be needing for each of the product they are about to order.

In order to make a purchase on the website, a customer needs to create an account and add to cart. Once the orders are received, the customers are provided the option to make payments using Bank Transfer or Western Union. Customers also have the option to make payments in 5 different currencies. After the payments are confirmed, the company makes arrangement to ship the product within 24 hours. The products are shipped using the services of DHL which is a well-known shipping service provider. For any questions and other queries, customers can send an email or get in touch using the online chat option. Additionally, the site has a dedicated FAQ section that offers answers to some of the most common questions.

About Cigarettes Online Store

Cigarettes Online Store is an online platform that offers a wide variety of cigarettes to customers across the world. Featuring the brands like Marlboro, Pall Mall, Avalon, etc. the store offers these products at competitive prices. In order to know more about their products and make a purchase online, customers can visit their website.

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