Homeowners across every Canada province can now take advantage of economical home security system installation and activation. With CanadaHomeSecuritySystems.com, they also have access to an offer that provides the delivery of a complimentary alarm system for homes when you sign up for round-the-clock alarm monitoring which includes two-way voice communication.

The company's website details the advantages of home security systems and promotes an offer that includes: a comprehensive home security system, activation with 24/7 monitoring centers, registration with the local fire and police departments and a keychain remote for convenient arming and disarming. The home security system includes the following: a high decibel siren, a wireless control panel, a large illuminated keypad display plus three points of protection for doors and windows and a pet motion detector.

At canadahomesecuritysystems.com homeowners can choose the type of security system that suits their needs. Thus, they can opt for motion detectors, audible burglar alarm, fire and smoke detectors, as well as sensors that accommodate pets. The company provides wireless systems, so that customers can have access to the latest and most reliable technological development to help keep their property safe.

In addition to helping secure properties and possessions and deterring burglars, the service can ensure a prompt response in case of emergency. Thus, it is possible to connect the alarm system with the appropriate local emergency services (fire or police department etc.). The feature is extremely useful in case of medical emergencies or whenever anyone in the house is at risk.

For added security, the company can connect clients to the country's 24/7 top alarm monitoring service. All systems are compatible with mobile phones and no landline is required. It is possible to interact remotely with the system.

Canadian residents also benefit this month of a special offer of a two-way voice option. Thus, any family member who is away can get in touch with the ones staying at home and communicate in emergency situations.

About the company

Canada home security systems is a Canadian authorized dealer selling, installing and activating home security systems for homes, connecting to 24/7 services for monitoring.

To find out more about current services and offers, go to canadahomesecuritysystems.com or call 877-575-0809.

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Canada home security systems
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