A healthy heart is crucial for a long and healthy lifestyle. There are numerous things that can go wrong with the heart, and sometimes the side effects that something is wrong are not always obvious. Interventional cardiology represents superior education in cardiovascular disease and specializes in the invasive (usually catheter-based totally) management of heart sickness.

In case you want heart care, you'll probably work with an interventional cardiologist at some point. Dr. T S Kler is a specially trained cardiologist who can access your heart through an artery or vein using thin tubes called catheters. He can assist with your initial consultation, indicative tests, or treatment. Dr T S Kler best cardiologist Delhi collaborates with the patient’s family during the initial evaluation, to help you choose the best path of care. He also partners on newer, minimally invasive techniques, including transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) and hybrid coronary revascularization. Dr. T S Kler goes beyond the contribution of particular aptitude and leading treatments to making his care open and helpful. Once contacted, he usually sees people within a week, prioritizing those with more pressing needs. For many procedures, such as angioplasty, Dr T S Kler best cardiologist Delhi can often safely send you home the same day so you do not need to stay in the hospital. He is a leading interventional cardiologist in Delhi for performing surgical and interventional cardiology procedures for heart and vascular diseases. Dr. T S Kler mix of patient-focused care and inventive treatment strategies offers you a safe and comfortable experience as a patient at Escorts Clinic Delhi.

Dr T S Kler Best Cardiologist Delhi

Dr. T.S. Kler is a heart specialist who treats all aspects of coronary heart diseases which includes analysis, pharmacological and interventional remedies with coronary angioplasty, and stents. Dr T S Kler best cardiologist Delhi is given persistent education this is expected with a reason to furnish his patients with the most recent innovations as well as the latest prevention and treatment practices. Dr. T.S. Kler is committed to treating every patient with compassion. He provides care that is both individualized and accessible. Dr T S Kler best cardiologist Delhi is committed to forming a true partnership with each affected person as he strives to function as guiding hand in the direction of better health and existence lives in India

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