The world today lives in worry of the coronavirus. People and healthcare workers are overwhelmed with the strain of contamination. However, there is a more potent killer out there. Something no vaccine can shield you from, no masks can prevent from- coronary heart disease.

People would do nearly anything to keep away from going to the hospital during the covid-19 pandemic. Alas, that has resulted in many people ignoring the signs and symptoms of a heart attack. Best cardiac hospital Kokilaben India indicates that people are 17 times much more likely to die from a heart attack than from covid-19.

In our endeavor to create a cognizance and provide rays of hope for treatment, the sector's leading heart professionals from throughout the globe have come together in a show of unity. Best cardiac hospital Kokilaben India holds the first cardiovascular health awareness campaign, comprising of 20 cardiac specialist groups.

The goal is to train the masses on modern cardiac treatment which includes TAVR this is an alternative to traditional open-coronary heart surgical procedures thereby reducing the recovery time to simply 2 days in most instances. This in turn reduces the dangers concerned under the existing instances. Transcatheter aortic valve replacement or TAVR is a less invasive treatment than traditional open-heart surgical operations to replace a coronary heart valve. This campaign is the most important TAVR awareness program ever conducted in the country.

Best cardiac hospital Kokilaben India is proud to be a part of a global initiative along with a TAVR awareness campaign. Thru this medical campaign, we hope to reiterate that clinical emergencies such as cardiac illnesses ought to never be omitted consisting of on this pandemic conditions and immediately assist need to be speedy sought", stated Executive Director, best cardiac hospital Kokilaben India.

"Heart disease continues to cause numerous fatalities. Understandably, patients are fearful about getting treatment due to the concern of contracting Covid. However, due to this, many heart patients succumb to heart failure, from the shortage of the right treatment.  We focus on methods that minimize healing time, thus reducing the danger of exposure. TAVR is one such treatment that entails heart valves without traditional open-coronary heart surgery. I am proud to mention our team has performed the largest number of TAVR procedures in India, as well as brought many other treatments in our country and pioneered other first in the global treatments to date. We are hoping, via this TAVR campaign, we can alleviate fear and spread recognition on cutting-edge heart treatment available today", stated the heart team at the Best cardiac Hospital Kokilaben India.

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