Celebswear.com launched its new collection of leather jacket this August 2013. These new arrivals include replica jackets of the one worn by rising celebrities as well as the biggest Hollywood celebrities in their blockbuster movies. 

The company’s new arrival includes jackets such as the one worn by Logan Lerman while portraying the character of Percy Jackson in a movie based on Greek mythology Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief. They have also introduced the gray suit worn by Daniel Craig in his portrayal of Agent 007 James Bond in the action packed blockbuster movie Skyfall. The main attraction of this collection is the Superman jacket from the movie Man of Steel, which has proven to be the biggest movie of the year so far and features Henry Cavill as Superman. 

These jackets are now available at low and affordable rates, topped with a great discount. This company has also introduced a policy regarding the shipment, according to which one can attain their desired jacket without paying a single penny for its shipment. This free shipment is provided to customers worldwide. 

Celebswear has been serving its customers for over 5years with quality product. They manufacture jackets from authentic leather as well as high quality synthetic leather. These jackets are put together by skilled and professional craftsmen. They produce a variety of leather jackets such as bomber jackets, leather coats, vintage jackets, biker’s jackets, trench coats, hooded jackets, costumes and suits. Celebswear is well renowned for its outstanding leather quality and durability. 

This company specializes in creating replica of celebrity jackets replicating every detail of the original. The skilled craftsmen provide these products with strong and neat stitches that make it durable and long lasting. These jackets provide you with a celebrity styling at an affordable price. 

To know more about the above collection and other iconic jackets, Kindly visit: www.celebswear.com 

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