Houston, TX-5/28/15. Cell Phone Signal Booster .us achieves high ratings from Safe Shopping Network with scores for safety at 95, performance at 100 and usability at 98, garnering an overall score of 98. Scores are determined by independent reviewers at Safe Shopping Network, a trusted online store testing website with over 6 million users.

Cell Phone Signal Booster’s Commitment

As an authorized WeBoost online reseller, their team is committed to provide only the highest quality cell phone signal boosters for home or car use with solutions from one of the country’s leading providers of cell phone signal booster products, related parts and accessories

CellPhoneSignalBooster.us is also committed to education, helping create well-informed consumers guided by expert knowledge before buying any of their signal booster products. They provide this educational arm through a frequently updated blog site tackling wide array of topics relevant to the industry such as certifications from network providers, differences between repeaters, proper product usage tips and industry news that the public may need to know specifically within the telecommunication market, all leading into issues that concern their use of the weBoost line of products.

Products and solutions they carry are available for mobile and in-building installations.

Their website also has dedicated online pages that government agencies and corporate customers can access so services can be tailored fit based on their varying needs that are different from most individual or single users at home or vehicles.

Shipping is free and guaranteed to ship within 1 to 3 business days on expedited shipping and 3-5 business days on standard ground all made via Fedex or USPS. International shipping is not yet currently offered but Cell Phone Signal Booster .us advises customers residing outside USA and Canada to just contact and furnish them with specific details of any special order request in case they can manage to accommodate it.

Their flexible support team can also provide service in both the English and Spanish languages.

About Cell Phone Signal Booster
With headquarters in Texas, the Lone Star state that experiences varying degrees of signal receptions in different regions, the team at CellPhoneSignalBooster.us made it their life’s work to provide weBoost products to consumers experiencing troubles over their wireless connections at home, work and while they’re on the go. From their humble beginnings in 2011, they now deliver throughout the country including the states of Alaska and Hawaii and even as far north as Canada. It is a venture owned and operated by Accessory Fulfillment Center, LLC or simply AFC-Houston specializing in not just carrying authorized products, but also warehousing them for easy dispensation.

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