Women looking for quick and effective resolution of cellulite can get customized treatment at Park Avenue Cellulaze. Using Cynosure's proven laser technology for cellulite reduction, Cellulaze, this AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery center in Manhattan NYC helps women reduce the cellulite on their abdomen, hips and thighs with long-lasting results.

Minimally Invasive FDA-approved Treatment for Cellulite

The plastic surgeons at this surgical practice are experts in Cellulaze cellulite reduction, having trained specially in the use of this amazing technology. Women are assured of smoother, younger looking skin that is free of those unsightly bumps called cellulite with just one treatment. The technology is unique because it targets cellulite at its source beneath the skin. The minimally invasive cannula threaded with the laser is inserted in the treatment area to melt the fat, release the restrictive bands of fibrous tissue that pull down on the skin, and encourage collagen and elastin production. The appearance of cellulite is visibly reduced following just one treatment.

Cellulite Laser Treatment Advantages

• No invasive surgery involved, just tiny incisions
• Minimal patient trauma as it requires only local anesthesia
• One short treatment of 1 to1.5 hours provides an effective outcome
• Results last up to a year or more
• Enhanced skin quality and thickness
• Minimal side effects

Comprehensive Solutions for a Beautiful Body

At Park Avenue Cellulaze, patients are assured of treatment in a safe, private and comfortable ambience. This plastic surgery center is focused on offering women customized solutions to suit skin and body type. They are even offered the option of combining their cellulite removal surgery with a laser liposuction procedure such as a tummy tuck or buttock augmentation. Liposuction is performed using the latest technology that provides superior tissue coagulation and skin tightening benefits. This comprehensive treatment package allows women to gain from great-looking cellulite-free skin as well as improved body contour, with all the stubborn fat gone.

About Park Avenue Cellulaze

Based in Manhattan, New York City, Park Avenue Cellulazeâ„¢ is a plastic surgery group primarily focused on providing effective cellulite laser treatment for women. Experts in the use of Cellulaze, the minimally-invasive cellulite removal technology from Cynosure, the plastic surgeons at this center ensure optimal results in a safe and caring environment. Laser liposuction solutions are also available along with cellulite reduction procedures.

Contact Information

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Location: 128 Central Park South, New York, NY 10019