Changes in Health Insurance System Drive Aetna to Eye Employers

As America is moving towards a brand new system of health insurance, companies have ended up spending millions in the field of consumer advertising. This has been a step to put themselves as health care firms. Since, most of the Americans are insured by their employers so the insurance firms need to reach out to several audience. The marketing plans of insurance firms include speaking with health care service providers, professionals of human resource and health care policy makers. 

Aetna, which is one of the largest firms, is all set to introduce a fresh campaign this Tuesday. This campaign highlights the goal of the company to curb expenditure of billions of dollars through technologies like electronic health records, encouraging efficient co-ordination between the health care service providers and the Big Data. This campaign is called “Our Healthy” and will run on the internet, in print media and on mobile devices. The campaign stresses on the need to shift to a new model that is known as accountable care. To know more about accountable care you can refer the directory submission on 

Aetna’s senior vice president for marketing, product and communications, Robert Mead said that they at Aetna believe that the entire health care system desperately needs improvement. He cited Institute of Medicine’s report which reported a wastage of $760 billion in the field of health care which is caused by unnecessary procedures, excessive administrative costs and consumer fraud.