If you notice someone’s back, you’ll see that the backbone runs straight down the center. When someone has scoliosis, their backbone curves to the side, the attitude of the curve may be small, big or someplace in between. But anything that measures greater than 10 ranges is considered scoliosis. Medical doctors can also additionally use the letters “C” and “S” to explain the curve of the backbone. You probably don’t look at as soon as at too many spines; however, what you may study about a person with scoliosis is the procedure they stand. Over a decade ago expert scoliosis surgeon Dr. S Karunakaran began out on a journey to discover "a better way" to treat scoliosis, a way that centered on treating the condition itself, the take care of patients with spinal disorders has endured to conform hastily over the past decade. Expert scoliosis surgeon Dr. S Karunakaran is an internationally known leader in scoliosis and spinal deformity care who has gained several awards recognizing his studies and contributions to the field. His technique to patients and their families is a holistic one in which the affected patient’s quality of life is at the leading edge of decision-making. No other scoliosis treatment comes near the success rate achieved by best scoliosis surgeon in India.  Expert scoliosis surgeon Dr. S Karunakaran gives more than sufficient dependable evidence primarily based solution to help patients overcome their situations. Curvature in spine treatment by Dr. S Karunakaran visiting Sri Lanka to attend the conference of the scoliosis society, conferences like these provide an excellent opportunity for medical professionals to stay updated on the latest advancements in the field of scoliosis treatment, share their knowledge and experiences, and network with colleagues from around the world.

Expert scoliosis surgeon Dr. S Karunakaran offers safe, gentle, and highly effective care for a broad range of conditions affecting the human frame, including scoliosis. Dr. S Karunakaran visiting Sri Lanka to attend the Conference of the Scoliosis Society, such conferences provide valuable opportunities for medical professionals to exchange knowledge, stay updated on the latest advancements in scoliosis treatment, and network with colleagues in the field. If you are interested in scoliosis or related medical topics, attending such conferences can be a great way to learn from experts like expert scoliosis surgeon Dr. S Karunakaran and stay informed about the latest developments in scoliosis treatment and research.

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