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cs. Ravine edge of the village home late breeding more than 10 red deer, except for two deer have encephalitis die, the remaining few are due to him several times forget off deer house door, the deer ran into the mou.Christian Louboutin Mary Janentains, did not the trail. Folks into the mountains to help find the two days, found not.hing. This is about 2007. His wife afraid of being beaten never dared to complain about his fear of the enraged. In October 2009, this ravine off a car parked in the valley mouth. Heard dogs barking, he wondered wel.come into the room two men of the town loan officer Honggang. Honggang is also introduced to a woman around the city to the laid-off workers to the pig. Not easy. “His wife this day is her old mother home to help Gr.Christian Louboutin Pumpsilled corn. Honggang brought to this mountain my house this woman is not “the city’s laid-off wo.rkers.” The daughter of this woman is the county where the Bureau of Forestry, the Secretary weekdays, not just heart of forest trees in the valley of the county throughout the peaks and ridges, of course, the prope.Christian Louboutin Wedgesrty rights of forest trees of the country. Temporarily narrative. The old money, the head of t.own a hundred miles at the big games room is also fitted in his —– public servant hearts. Honggang good relationship with the brother-in-law works in a bank with the Secretary, the village folks say: Every spring. kan04li0514jia is the Secretary for charity this can sell a lot of extra money to their saplings. Today the Secretary to get the big courtyard of the old money head, would not its effectiveness, and benefits s.hould be according to performance standards. Honggang in rural areas being a loan officer with the old money Mrs. moistened with a distant relative, can be said that on, it is appropriate the sale of intermediate c.andidates. Overnight, did not charge any effort, two people with a pre-written contracts and money and after several good lure to 100,000 dollars to buy yard. Poor family tile house in this valley alone, organs and .departments of the entertainment the Sagong calculating the two well-d ck the Yinchuan collar mother, a doctor found another door adhesive die, the elderly and children stood in the cold winter over two hours to re.flect land acquisition to the end of the placement being revenge, cregardless of whether the government, police station, not justice, let the people who oppress the people of the developers, justice where the fai.r, who uphold justice. So many days to report to the local police station, police station, the leadership of the answer is people do this is normal, the police station, just listen to the government, so the threat o.f harassment no matter, I admire the courage of this people, saying that this is the case face is not red, which is Our police station. In this way the people decide the police station entirely claimed the Shanghai. miaozhen are doing civilized demonstration of the pilot cities and towns in Ordos City, Inner Mongolia, our civilized cities with the support of ordinary people’s life and death regardless, only to safeguard the in.terests of the rich Family Guiqiu relevant state departments, Ordos City, Inner Mongolia Public Security Bureau, and the national conscience, brave the media attention given to the report, but also justice, governme.nt departments once again come to us, but each time not to , each time just ask our demands, but they do not have to deal with the views, this is the approach to our request is a national policy to our normal range.Christian Louboutin Discount Shoes of resettlement compensation, compensation for the resulting loss in seven years, if not to solve, also back we were abandoned seven years, 3250 acres of land, because we want to survive, to live calls: 13,895,661,022 qq: 402 780 975Biographical ☆ Name: Lo Pi Tao ☆ Gender: Male ☆ Hometown: China. Gian ☆ Nationalities: Han ☆ Date of birth: 1993.02 the ☆ political outlook: members ☆ qualifications: secondary ☆ professional: computer applications ☆ graduate school: Jinggangshan Applied Science and Technology schools ☆ Tel: the 15,170,814,472 ☆ E-mail: 510797583 qq ☆ QQ: 510 797 583 ☆ home address: Ji’an