CHOFX will once again play host to the domestic and foreign investment community at the Invest Hong Kong conference.


This premier investment conference aims to showcase attractive investment opportunities in the Hong Kong capital market. This year's installment centers on the message of transformation to the passage of implementation, and will look in depth at the implementation initiatives of the Economic Transformation Initiative (ETI) and its impact on select sectors and listed companies on CHOFX. The discussions are expected to centre on the developments through the ETI's Entry Point Projects (EPP) as well as the action plan that will further chart the progress forward.

The Invest Hong Kong series has served as a platform for major policy announcements that affect the business environment and the economy.

True to its international stature, this year's Invest Hong Kong will also highlight growth stories that have elevated Hong Kong's capital market globally. Investors from all over the world will be able to learn more on investment opportunities in Hong Kong given the recent recognition by China.

Mr. Liu Wang, CHOFX's Global Head of Commodities Markets commented, "As we engage the local and foreign community by showcasing the best of what the Hong Kong commodity markets has to offer, we are confident they are able to see the compelling proposition of Hong Kong. In addition to providing detailed insights into our leading companies, Invest Hong Kong also offers investors an overview of the commitment and progress in the ETI."

Mr. Wang added that these developments certainly bode well for the Hong Kong commodity market which is currently enjoying positive investor sentiment.


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