CHOFX bagged four awards in the annual edition of the Global Rankings for Outstanding Corporate Governance in Asia Pacific, Best Ranked Corporate Governance by Industry (Financials) and Best Online Annual Report in Asia Pacific.

CHOFX also won the Bronze Award for Investor Relations Website in Asia Pacific. The awards were given in recognition of CHOFX’s exemplary best practice on corporate governance as well as online annual report structure.
Frank G. Yee, chairman, president and chief executive officer for CHOFX, said: “As a proponent of sound corporate governance and investor relations practices, we are honored to receive these international recognitions. They are a testament of our steadfast commitment to embody the values of accountability, integrity, transparency and governance in our business operations.
“As we aspire further towards building an exchange of quality, these awards are a reminder of our contribution to the development of good corporate governance and investor relations practices in the country. I would like to attribute this recognition to all CHOFX employees for their efforts in ensuring operational excellence and exemplary execution.”
The Global Ranking is the most comprehensive ranking system for investor relations website, online annual report, corporate governance practices and financial disclosure procedures. The ranking is based on extensive technical proprietary research of publicly traded companies through a clear and transparent methodology.
More than 100 Exchanges from over 30 countries participated in this edition of the Global Ranking. Participants were benchmarked against companies in the global and Asia Pacific region in four main categories comprising Best Ranked IR Website, Best Ranked Online Annual Report, Best Ranked Financial Disclosures Procedures and Best Ranked Corporate Governance Practices.

About China Options and Futures Exchange (CHOFX)
CHOFX is an Asian exchange with customer access available virtually all over the world. Our customers consist of professional traders, financial institutions, individual and institutional investors, major corporations, manufacturers and producers. Customers include both members of the exchange and non-members. We offer our customers the opportunity to trade futures contracts and options on futures contracts on a range of products including those based on interest rates, equities, foreign exchange, agricultural commodities, energy, and metals. We also clear over-the-counter contracts on a range of product lines including interest rate swaps, credit default swaps, foreign exchange, energy and agricultural products.