27, February 2015: Chris and Joy Poupazis take centre stage when it comes to perfect engagement rings designed by not one, but two artistic minds. The latest design cohorts to join F&L Designer Guides, this couple bring something new and inspired. From a vision to combine organic forms with modern CAD technology they create engagement rings and other pieces of stunning jewellery that tell stories born from both human and natural origins.

L, from F&L believes that Chris and Joy Poupazis’ motto of bringing 'Dreams to Reality’ epitomises what bespoke is all about. And F agrees. He goes on to say how much he is impressed by the couple’s harmonious way of working and manipulating every individual project to make use of each other’s strengths.

Ask yourself what you see when looking at a gem. Both Chris and Joy Poupazis see more than the superficial; they see potential. Pearls, for example have featured in many of their recent pieces of jewellery and it is the gem’s association with femininity and the moon goddess that enthused, inspired and drew the designers to it. Cleverly, this designer team stay true to the classic while still drawing out the inner design aspirations in couples. Joy loves sourcing stones that add a touch of something different and beautifully incorporating them into rings that symbolise romance, relationships and forever.

This year, Chris has launched an innovative new collection he called Earth Forms. Inspired primarily by the sea clam, the pieces are finished with South Sea pearls, white and black diamonds. The perfect combination of natural elements and modern design.

For something with an element of the unusual combined with a touch of the classic, Chris and Joy Poupazis are the 'go to’ designers.

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