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illager to villagers hospital, the measurement of land suspension of … today, May 9, 2012, the town government to help staff to farmers to measurement of land. The villagers gathered to question the town.Christian Louboutin Ankle Boots government staff: First, on the 7th night the villagers on behalf of the .signature event of serious violation of the procedures, did not convene a village meeting was informed about land acquisition matters, is illegal, should cancel its effectiveness; Second, require the pro.Christian Louboutin Bootsduction of government land acquisition relevant approvals, because the local land belo.ngs to the strict basic farmland, for the expropriation of the land, the state People’s Republic of China Land Administration Law “(August 28, 2004 announced the implementation of the Order of the Preside.Christian Louboutin Eveningnt of XXVIII) the Article 45 expressly provides that the imposition of the land by the State Council for approval: (a) basic farmland; arable land outside of the (b) of basic farmland exceeding 35 hectares; (c) other land exceeding 70 hectares. The local town government did s.Christian Louboutin Flatsomething not even come out, they simply enter the villagers’ land in the measurement .of land. Local villagers to prevent the measure into the ground, injuring one aged over 60 villagers in the process of pushing and shoving with the villagers and surrounding villagers approached surrounde. kan04li0514jia d by questioning their hit Why At this point, the government staff threatened to call 110, not a moment 110 police arrived at really (really wonder, usually 110 police speed is not so .how fast did not he play not 110 Private phone police) Only after the police to disperse the crowd the villagers, was batter to see a doctor, but the batterer Pishi no ~! ~! ~! At this point, I scold one:. mother, a group of son of a bitch ~! Police out of the police procedures The Alarming program How can the Government work of the staff program What is the awareness of the law You simply a group of hoo.ligans. The matter is still further development, I’m reminded that one: Finally, if the deterioratio ounds of wheat and 60 pounds of tobacco (the matter in the village has been done processing), the som.ehow Lunar 10.24 go to the market ximo paichusuo ** Su Wei detained the next day the mother to go with the members of the village law and order dignitaries, director of the Liu Kangchang told to pay 500 f.ine (to pay five hundred should have some facts or basis). Moment not so much cash penniless people’s homes, four by mother, can not wait for the mother to borrow enough money. The fourth day, a bunch of .JC blocked the door finish recording confession was said to have died. Temporary family idea, after the crisis to force the control scared, so the uncle wrote appealed to the credentials, did not do any c.onclusions requirements will back to my parent, hastily buried. Generations of people’s homes, and it would deceive the mind. By the time 16 years old, I hope that good-hearted people to see, to walk arou.nd. Related departments and leaders to look at and deal with the case, let the dead rest in peace as soon as possible, so that their children at an early date the peace. (I have all the legal responsibil.ities rest assured to turn it thank you!) I the the phone 18862439419QQ492936905 I phone 13835956454paichusuo disregard for human life, a simulated scene to confuse the facts and lawlessness. Me parent un.Christian Louboutin Discount Shoesjustly willing to please a law to give justice. Doubt a forensic identified as the poison, why should Netvibes Netvibes basis Found that the pesticide is not toxic instant death not a trace it! 2 identified the poison that is found the bottle and the mouth of drug residues is too I hastily. 3 incident, whether the first scene, if you ask the body under the snow (that night under the snow). The destruction of the site (without permission to put the mat on the body of my Father block) on the ground Snow. Why next day, eleven o’clock sets After recording a family statement to notify us of death, the long night ye flies; surface calm, mouth micro taste. Fingers slightly curled clean and free from friction to pull the