Dr. S. Karunakaran best spine surgeon Chennai is now offering a revolutionary technology that improves accuracy and speeds recuperation time for patients who undergo spine surgery.

Best spine surgeon at Global Hospital Chennai is the first in the country to perform minimally invasive spine surgical treatment using the Cirq® arm. Cirq is a surgeon-controlled robotic arm, designed to increase precision in navigating complicated spinal surgeries. Considering that then, it's been utilized in more than 50 procedures.

 “In spinal surgical procedure, accuracy is everything. The Cirq arm is a surprisingly unique piece of system that allows surgeons to recognise with unique confidence wherein to drill and place necessary hardware required to deal with complicated spinal condition,” stated Dr. S. Karunakaran best spine surgeon Chennai. “Along with the usage of this new technology it is safer for the patient as it cuts down on time, which means patient needs to undergo local anesthesia for short time period.”

The robotic arm weighs 22 kilos and mounts directly onto any standard working room table. The surgeon can then control and function the arm, which, once aligned to the planned trajectory, provides a channel for drilling and pedicle screw placement. The pedicle is a quick projection of bone that comes off the back of a vertebra. Pedicle screws are regularly used in spinal fusions, alongside rods or plates, to add extra aid and period, and immobilize part of the spine by preserving bony structures collectively.

 The unconventional technology additionally works in tandem with an intraoperative AIRO CT scanner. Previously, a patient could have imaging scans executed after the surgery became finished. If something wasn’t right, they might then want to undergo a second surgical treatment. “Now, we will avoid that by using immediately correcting any issues we see,” added best spine surgeon at Global Hospital Chennai.

“The Cirq arm is a useful device in the armamentarium of advanced era for screw placement and is a top notch addition to the robotic spine programs at our hospital,” concluded Dr. S. Karunakaran best spine surgeon Chennai.

Best spine surgeon at Global Hospital Chennai envision using the Cirq for upwards of 1,000 cases a year at both institutions and plans to use it for cases that involves instrumentation, or implants, which includes rods, screws, plates, cages, or interbody devices. Both added the technology will subsequently be used to assist with brain surgeries.


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