Citizenship Coaching offers the most powerful tool to prepare for Canadian Citizenship Test. The tool is available for individuals looking for the best resource to prepare for their Canadian Citizenship Test.

Canada, 3rd February, 2017 - Citizenship Coaching, a privately owned company in Canada is offering the most powerful tool to prepare for the Canadian Citizenship Test. The Citizenship Coaching website is a new landmark for the willing immigrants who want to earn citizenship in Canada. The entire “Canadian Citizenship Online Training Program” is available at just $19.99 and one can buy the same simply by visiting their business website.

“Over the last couple of years, the failure rate of passing the Canadian citizenship test is increasing. According to a recent poll released, the only reason is that more than a half of Canadians have lack sufficient knowledge about Canada to pass the citizenship test,” says the director of Citizenship Coaching.

“The poll also found that 60 percent of immigrants who pass the citizenship test, have a better grasp of Canadian’s history, culture, political system, geography compare to average Canadians. Citizenship Coaching Online Training Program is specifically designed to fulfill the purpose of educating immigrants about the rich cultural and political history of Canada,” the director of Citizenship Coaching continues.

To buy the Canadian Citizenship Coaching Training program, an individual needs to spend $ 19.99. The immigrants can buy the training program online and they can study from anywhere they want. The online training program is also available in PDF and Audio format as well.

The Citizenship Training Program consists of twenty multiple choice questions to be answered within thirty minutes. The applicants need to get 75% of the marks to pass the citizenship test.

“The Canadian Citizenship Test is a difficult process and the failure rate for the new Citizenship test is much higher. The brightest applicant would struggle to pass the exam if they went in without proper practice. The Canadian Citizenship test is an essential part of earning the nationality of Canada. Our practice test mainly focuses on common questions asked in recent Citizenship Canada Test.” says another official of Citizenship Coaching.

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Citizenship Coaching is a privately owned company in Canada and is aiming to offer the best training materials to the immigrants looking to appear in the Canadian Citizenship Test.

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